Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Interesting weekend.

Well the weekend came and went, but not without its share of motorcycle related craziness. Gary Grady's Chopper run was on Saturday., I drove like a madman back from the lake to catch the run leaving rec supply, only to be ten minutes late from the pack. When we got to dundurn, we found out the run went to delisle first. Burgers and beers ensued as we waited for everyone to arrive. The chop was running like a dream, for the time being. We grew anxious waiting for the run to get to Big mur's so we decided to ride back to the city for a beer and then return to mur's at 7 for the festivities. Well in our usual fashion of laziness and waiting on deadbeat buddies, we didn't make it back till 8 and missed all the bike "games". Fuck. Had a blast riding around with Slider on the motorized picnic table tho. As for the chopper, i blew out the clutch rod seal on the second ride, which progressively got worse and worse, completely drenching the back half of the bike( and the rear tire!) The oil musta found its way into my electrics box cuz on the ride home my running light on the tail light quit working, then my low beam, and finally after a delicious double hot dog at OJ's (it had bacon on it!) I headed across the city in complete darkness as my highbeam shorted out as well!! fuck!

But on a positive note, i finally cracked the case of the non-charging ironhead. When i replaced the original speedo/tach dash i just capped the wire leading to the GEN light. apparently this wire need to be fed to power for the gen to function! who knew? well i have a strong charge and am STOKED! one less thing to worry about.