Monday, August 30, 2010

2nd annual yuppie run

Saskatoon, thru Wakaw to PA for lunch and beers, christopher lake, beer, waskesiu a few more beer. and back to Christopher for a night of "drinking your face off" steaks and hot tubbing. Had such a blast. Thanks to Wreck for putting this whole thing together and Cole for the invite. The Ironhead ran like a top, other then losing the speedo in the first 100 km. Bobby came up from Regina with his beautiful Road King. Highlight of the trip was stopping in at Robin's place (fiftys haze)and checking out his amazing Panhead chop built by Jeremiah at Love Cycles. Can't wait till next year! I'll post some pics if i can figure out how to get them off my blackberry.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


The BUSINESS kicked ass last night. Oi Oi Oi

Monday, August 16, 2010

Swing by my place....

with your time machine on payday. I need to pick up a few things....

Sunday, August 15, 2010

And the latest find.

The motorcycle gods have been good to me lately. Drove out and picked this beauty the other day. 1974 CB550. A classic example of a 70's budget/mild custom. +10" over fork tubes, aftermarket drag pipes, rear wheel wheel laced to a 16", 6 band buckhorn bars, twisted highway pegs. Too cool. This bike was bought as it is in 76, road from brandon to SK twice and out to BC once. the owner moved to Saskatoon in 1980 and parked it in the shed at his acreage. Has sat ever since. 30 years of storage. He said he had it fired up 10 years ago but hasn't rode it since 80. i have to get it going and ride it as is a few times, but I unfortunately have bigger and badder plans for it. Period 70's chopper winter project. more on that later....


I decided to pass on the pre-unit frame to a brother in need. A few of the Regina boys drove down a few weeks ago to pick it up. Had a blast drinking beer and shooting the shit. good luck with the build bobby. heres a few items that i acquired in the deal.

JT passed along a few boxes of old HD parts the other day. Alot of bearings and junk, sprockets, cables, but heres the gems. Panhead era trans side cover and ratchet top, and an old HD speedo, that i have't been able to identify yet. neat stuff. thanks bud.

1976 CB400f PERIOD Cafe - Highway robbery -

ok i have lots to update on as, in my usual fashion, i haven't had time to get on here. But here is the latest jewel in my collection. Came across this SWEET cafe through an old friend at work who had been bugging me for the last few years to check out and buy his old bike. i wasn't all that interested in picking up another old stock Jap bike. Little did I know. Its a 76 CB400 four. the bike was bought new by my friend and he went on to build it through the late seventies/early eighties. Its got tons of OS parts and custom work done. Fiberglass cowel, clubman bars, had the tank dished for bar clearance. fork brace, Koni rear shocks, yoshimura race pipe (very rare), pirelli phantom rubber, custom fiberglass rear section. bar end mirrors. The coolest thing is the engine. Last run in 88, the motor was pulled and sent out for full rebuild including big bore kit (to 458cc) track Cam, and some porting was done to the head. Upon return of the motor the bike has sat in heated storage ever since. The motor hasn't been set between the frame rails yet. Now its my turn to have my fun with it. I shouldn't even say what i paid for it. Highway robbery.