Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Axle Plates

Got a set of OG axle plates from Bernie. The right one was damn near perfect but the left one looked like a dog chewed it up and shit it out. The axle adjusted had been gouged out and a piece of hex stock was pigeon shit welded in its place. I'm kicking myself in the ass for not taking a before pic but heres what they look like after four hours of rework. I completely rebuilt the axle adjuster on the left one as well as the lower horizontal rib. Also sweated and grinded off a 4 inch piece of frame rail out of each frame boss. Turned out pretty fine i gotta say. just gotta add a hold back tab for the juice drum. Dam near inmopssible to find an original harley rigid in these parts of the world, so i guess ill build one from what i got.

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I_am_10_ninjas said...

Always the little things, eh? Nice to have those plates though. I wanna come by for a look once you get something going. Gonna be a rulah!