Thursday, January 13, 2011

two throat

Scored this sweet old S&S dual throat carb off some old dude from quill lake.  righteous!  He was actually stopping in with some pan jugs that i wanted and was curious if i was interested in his old set-up.  Hey if the price is right, what the hell!  i kinda doubt i'll run it on the pan/shovel as i hear they are a bitch to set up, so if anyone is interested in buying it off me, hit me up.  I'll probably put a polish on it before i sell it.  get it before it goes to ebay!!!


I_am_10_ninjas said...

Awesome! oh no dude you should toTaAllY run that thing! Seriously. Pan Jugs? Does that mean yer gonna run a full Pan and drop the shovel?

Mr. G said...

i know. a bit old, but did this ever sell? email me @ I'm interested in it for my shovel.