Sunday, April 5, 2009

Paint and assembly

Ok well i am probably the worst blogger there is, seeing as i post about once a month on average. But regardless heres the update on the bike. CSIK blasted the frame, he then taught me the finer points of applying/sanding bondo and i tried my best to smooth out the frame to perfection. When i was done, csik finished the job. Next up we went down to Novakoski with the multi talented darren "CSIK" Wolfe, the guy is a life saver. Two and a half cases of beer, a few pieces of pizza, another case and a half of beer and we had my frame and rich's tins glistening in a fresh coat of rally black. This was also after rich dropped his brand new tank on the concrete, denting the side of it, repairs were done, beers were drank. We had a blast. Oh i also got my first glimpse of my tank all i can say is that i near orgasmed at first sight, and its not even done yet!! Darrin has gone WAY above and beyond and it is going to blow minds, go to cyclemania to check it out, it will truly be a mastpiece. heres some pics of the evening.

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