Sunday, April 5, 2009

wiring 101

ok my first attempt at wiring a motorcycle, if you know me, you know that i hate electricity and wiring and everything that goes along with it, altho i must say i am getting much more comfortable with it. Basic, basic basic. that was my three rules for this wiring job, so basic i went. Headlight, taillight, horn and two toggle switches. Thats it. kick only, no signals, mini battery, no tach no speedo no nothing! the cops are gonna have a heyday with me. i ran all wires thru the frame, converted to a late model regulator rectifier, it think i did a pretty decent job. motor has been installed and assembly is well under way. heres a few pics. The bike will be at cyclemania in Saskatoon on the 19th-20th, unfortunately i won­t be as i will be in camp at work. So go check it out along with the rest of the boys bikes and let me know what you think. no pics of the tank till after the show, cuz its that good. you need to see it in person my freinds.

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Hellorific said...

I hate you for that tank.